Personally, I didn't find the ketogenic diet like many who were using it to lose weight. I came across the diet in the search for overall health and wellness.

I have a family history of health issues like diabetes and cancer. Both my father and mother have had cancer and my grandmother had diabetes. My grandmother died of complications from diabetes and my father from his cancer. Luckily my mother is still here and healthy!

This experience has always made me very health conscious and when I found out about the anti-cancer effects of ketosis I was floored. How amazing would it have been if this was more widespread and accepted in 2008 when my family needed it most. It could have made a world of difference for my family. 

Diabetes and obesity are on the rise in our country and almost all of the keto community are aware of its benefits on insulin sensitivity and weight loss.

I see the keto wave as a serious opposing force to this health crisis which has imposed so much harm on American families. 

The keto diet can make the difference for so many and I'm happy to be a part of the community.

My wife Allison and I created this company to help bring healthy treat options to those following the ketogenic lifestyle.

We love our sweet treats and we know many others do too so we took our most deeply rooted cravings, developed keto alternatives, and now we want to share them with you!

Check out our lines of sweet treats and please get in touch with us and share your story about your ketogenic lifestyle!